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The model beads webshop is now also available in English. The Modellperlen webshop is now also available in English.

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Our quality classes

Everything about the quality classes of our second-hand books!

No matter what condition description the item you are interested in has: without exception, every book has been checked in detail by us. All books for sale are fully readable.

You will find these quality classes with us

Sustainable shopping

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Book cycle

Secondhand books are more than just used copies. They tell stories of past readers who have left their mark. Each book has its own journey through different hands and hearts. When you buy a secondhand book, you immerse yourself in this unique story and give the book a new chance to travel further and inspire new readers. The second-hand book cycle is a wonderful way to get hold of rare, long-out-of-print books.

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Save resources

When you buy second-hand books, you make an important contribution to protecting our resources. By buying used books, you reduce the production of new books and thus the consumption of paper, energy and other raw materials. You give a book a second life and help prevent waste. Every second-hand book you purchase is a small step towards sustainability and environmental protection. By conserving resources when buying second-hand books, you can actively contribute to protecting our environment and promoting a sustainable future.

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Modellperlen and environmental protection

Modellperlen cares about the environment, which is why we send all packages in a climate-friendly manner with DHL GoGreen. We use good used boxes as shipping packages and by offering second-hand books we are setting another milestone in terms of sustainability and conserving resources. It's great that you support this with your order.